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It is one of the core beliefs of the company to return to the society more than what we may have received from it. ACMIIL is always at the forefront to contribute by way of money, expertise or time to many a deserving causes. Some of the recent endeavours are described below :
  • Participating in Standard Chartered Marathon Walk in January 2009 for “Clean Mumbai Green Mumbai” campaign.
  • Conducting Polio Rectification surgery camps;

    We continue to work on “Poliomyelitis” popularly known as polio during the financial 2007-08. This affects spinal cords and motor cells. Children before attaining age of 3 years are affected by paralytic polio every year and in many cases result in premature death. Those managing to survive also live a physically challenged life.

    We have commenced survey of over a thousand villages of Kutch region in Gujarat with a view to collect data bank on such patients. This survey will identify all such physically challenged persons. The patients identified are then being provided different types of treatment which include correction of their walking habits, physiotherapy, and surgical correction of deformities. In case no treatment is possible, calipers and wheel chairs are provided to make the patient’s movements comfortable. This treatment lasts for 2 weeks to 6 months in general depending on mental strength of the patient.

    The polio camps and surgeries are being done by PNR society of Bhavnagar, which has the required expertise in this field. We have completed two camps in which 832 patients were examined till date. A total of 70 patients have been operated upon. We have completed survey of over 200 villages in the Bhachau, Rapar and Anjar Talukas in Kutch district. In all, 800 cases have been registered with us for the third camp which is scheduled in September 2008. The company proposes to spend about Rs.2 mn over next two years for this. We hope to widen our horizon to other socially & economically backward districts like Mehsana, Dahod, Surendranagar, Banaskantha, Sabarkantha, Panchmahal, etc. This humanitarian activity is done through our Charitable Trust under the name “Asit C. Mehta Charitable Foundation.”

    During the financial year 2006-07, the initiated survey of over 200 villages in Kutch district of Gujrat for detecting and conducting rectifying surgery on polio patients. We conducted surveys of 800 patients in Rapar and Bachau districts and 250 patients were examined for polio in the camp. Out of these, 40 promising patients were provided corrective surgery at the camp with necessary post operative care. This was done with assistance from PNR society of Bhavnagar. The company contributed Rs._______ alongwith contribution of Rs.____ from the employees.

    During the financial year 2005-06, we participated in contributing time and money for the benefit of victims of Tsunami. We adopted village of Nagapattinam in Tamilnadu alongwith two other charitable organisations. We provided houses to the fisherman of this coastal village and helped rehabilitate over 250 families. The company contributed Rs._______ alongwith contribution of Rs.____ from the employees.

    During the year, Mumbai witnessed torrential rains on July 26, 2005 causing widespread damage to properties and life. We contributed to the children of our neighbourhood school in re procuring text books, exercise books and uniforms for the children in the school.
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